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Do You Experience

• Fatigue?
• Residual effects of a significant trauma or coma?
• Localized pain that lingers mysteriously?

• Post Op disorientation?

• Depressed Feelings?

• Feelings of being incomplete?

• PTSD (posttraumatic stress syndrome)

• Memory Loss that baffles conventional diagnostics?

• An inability to feel love and joy?

• Unjustified feelings of fear?

From the Shamanic perspective, these are spiritual illnesses that fester when the cause is not alleviated. The Shamanic Practitioner works with you using a variety of ancient mystical techniques to restore balance and wholeness to your overall constitution.


How may I help you shift your experience?

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The Shamanic healing techniques I utilize are imposed to encourage overall wellness and should not replace any mode of existing or suggested traditional medical treatment you may have been prescribed. Shamanic Healing is considered "Spiritual Healing" and is not a medical treatment. No remedies are prescribed. No guaranties of wellness are made. view consent






Summer of Peace 2014 International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.